Why this blog?

Bairro Coreia, 2013 @chloebuire

This blog is a platform to capture the little ordinary and extraordinary things that make up everyday life in Luanda, the buzzing capital of Angola. As an academic researcher specialised in urban studies, my job is to understand the city from the inside. I believe that it is the ordinary lives of those who live in Luanda that give the city its shape and its rhythm. Some of  the key questions are: 

  • How does it feel to live in Luanda? How do things work around here? I want to reflect on places and situations that look very ordinary at first but that reveal some of the key challenges that characterise Luanda today.
  • How is the city managed on a daily basis?  Part of my research involves following community leaders and citizens who are trying to make the city work around them.
  • How can Luanda work to inspire other cities, other people, other researchers? By sharing some of my thoughts about Luanda, I hope to show that academic knowledge never comes as a well crafted argument from the start. It is being built bit by bit and many times, doubts are stronger than demonstrations!

The overall objective is thus to open the black box of doing ethnographic research in a fast-changing city. This space will bring together raw field notes, tentative visual essays, late night hallucinations or early morning inspirations. In English, but also in French or Portuguese, depending on how it comes! Please comment, criticise, contribute!

Ce carnet a pour objectif de réunir les petites choses ordinaires et extraordinaires qui font le quotidien de Luanda, la très dynamique capitale de l’Angola. Le but est d’ouvrir la boîte noire d’un projet de recherche ethnographique dans la ville, en jouant avec des formes d’écriture variées.

Vous y trouverez des notes de terrain à l’état brut, des essais visuels fragmentaires, des hallucinations de fin de soirée ou des inspirations écrites à l’aube. N’hésitez pas à laisser vos commentaires et vos critiques et à proposer vos propres contributions !

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