CFP: History of Urban Cultures in Southern Africa

Abstracts from the Call for Papers:

For this special issue of the Revue d’Histoire contemporaine de l’Afrique, the journal wishes to address the cultural history of urban societies in Southern Africa (19th-20th centuries) that was first shaped by encounters between various African societies and European settlers, imperial diasporas (Indians, for instance) and other immigrants (e. g. Chinese, Greeks), between repulsion and attraction, domination and resistance, invention and accommodation. It insists on the relationship between a specific place and stage – cities and towns – and the cultural forms that developed therein.

The objectives of the special issue are manifold:

  • This special issue aims to examine the effect of urban living on individuals and groups, how their material, symbolic, and mental frameworks have been disrupted by their culture(s).
  • We are eager to shed light on a new trend of scholarship about urban life and culture in Southern Africa (with topics such as urban experience, food, fashion, sexual and sentimental encounters night life, public lighting, etc.).
  • A consideration of the “cultural” dimension of urbanity will deepen our understanding of the articulation between space, inhabitants, and identities.
  • We would like to incite multi-scale approaches, including secondary urban centres in the analysis of urban cultures. Case studies are of course expected, but comparative studies will be highly appreciated.
  • Papers considering the gender dimension of the topic will also be welcome.

Full CFP here

Deadline for Proposals: 15 April 2020

Contact the Special Issue Editors


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