Revelations, a workshop about documentary photography

This post reproduces the catalogue of the exhibition created in December 2021 by the participants in a workshop I organised in Luanda with my colleague Ingrid Bamberg, from the Centre for Visual Methodologies for Social Change at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. The workshop ran in parallel to the exhibition Revelations. The power of documentary photography that brings together the work of South African photographers Cedric Nunn and Samora Chapman.

As social scientists working in the field of youth development, we seek to instill a critical approach to photography in times when taking pictures and sharing them on social media have become banal gestures. Fifteen young men and women participated in the workshop. Together, we explored the power of documentary photography as a catalyst for social change. Taking a picture compels the photographer to take position, both literally and metaphorically.

The final booklet presented below reveals the youths’ lived experiences of their city, Luanda, and of its ambivalent social dynamics. It unveils the authors’ artistic and social engagement: images of old and new, of movement and stillness, of verticality and horizontality invite us to question what changes and what remains. The photographs also reflect what it takes to walk on the thin line between hope and uncertainty in a city that grows on the strength of the women and the men who live in it, day by day.

The workshop received the support of: Alliance Française de Luanda, IFAS-Research (CNRS), Centre for Visual Methodologies for Social Change (Univ. of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa), and Campus France, Palácio de Ferro de Luanda

The participants were: Ae Cupessala, Albano Nawaia, Benedito Edgar Tjyakala, Biluka Kimuanga, David Nahenda, Eliene Santos (LN), Eltina Gaspar, Felix Cantares, DeGil, Hermenegildo Teotónio, Ivone Saliboko, José Augusto, Khristall Áfrika, Manuel Cacapa André, and Mário Camossi.

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3 Responses

  1. Manuel André says:

    UAU, Q maravilhoso exposição.

  2. Ivonny Saliboko says:

    Foi uma honra trabalhar com pessoas que têm uma experiência vasta. Bem haja…!

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